Know your Self


If you look in the mirror, you recognize the person staring back at you and you think to yourself, „hey. That’s me.” You think you have known yourself all of your life. What if what you believe to know about yourself is a mere fraction of the truth? A fraction so insignificant that you need the trick of illusion to convince yourself daily of the infallibility of the truth you hold on to for fear of losing yourself.   

    The question is not, what is truth. It is rather, what is not illusion. That which is left after you have taken away all of the illusion is truth. It is easier to live an illusion than to live the truth but it is not the illusion that makes you free but the truth it is. The truth is difficult to swallow but once swallowed it makes you as light as a feather and opens your eyes to see where before you had been blind.

The question you should ask yourself is whether you are living your life or you are living the life of another. We have through practice perfected the art of living our feelings, joy and emotion proxy through the life of others because we believe we can experience without being involved. This is only but an illusion because you don’t know what it means to be burnt if you have not experienced fire.

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